Teleco Group’s Flatsat antenna is now WiFi and also provides 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G cellular connectivity

Thanks to a cable gland designed to receive the additional signals, it’s now possible to enjoy both DVB-S2 transmissions and mobile Internet inside the vehicle with a single device
Lugo di Ravenna (18 June, 2024)– A camper or caravan trip is often synonymous with freedom. Today, that freedom can be achieved without giving up on home comforts, television included. Those who want to carry on watching television regardless of where they are choose satellite TV, which provides reception in almost every corner of Europe; today, of course, everyone uses streaming services too. This is why Teleco has now added the innovative Flatsat WiFi to its vast range of specialised products: this combines the classic functions of a compact satellite antenna with a mobile phone antenna, allowing it to receive 5G, 4G/LTE and 3G signals and act as an external Wi-Fi network repeater.Flatsat WiFi can be controlled via the supplied DVB-S2 controller (pre-loaded with a 16-satellite memory and featuring an OLED display and two keys to start the satellite search and lower the dish) or via a Bluetooth connection using the Teleco smartphone app. The latter also lets you update both firmware and satellites. By purchasing the optional SMART function and choosing a Teleco Smart TV, simply changing channel causes the antenna to automatically lock onto the satellite emitting the relative signal.

Easy Installation
Integrated into the cable gland, the cellular/Wi-Fi component has no impact on the installation procedure; no additional holes in the vehicle cab are required, even if you’re replacing an already-mounted antenna. This seamless integration gives travellers an even more comprehensive easy-access solution for on-the-go satellite reception and Internet connection.To transmit the signal from a mobile phone network or an external Wi-Fi source inside the vehicle, it’s necessary to use a router capable of performing both these functions. The Teleco catalogue has the answer: the WLT24EX2 model, with two SIM slots (a must to link to the mobile phone network). In this way you can choose, depending on your location, the most affordable and/or most gigabyte-rich offer.The advantages of integrating the mobile phone/Wi-Fi antenna into the Flatsat system:Integrated Internet connectivity: a single system for satellite reception and on-the-go Internet connection.

Simple to install: the mobile phone/Wi-Fi antenna is placed in the cable gland, so only one hole and one duct are needed to install the two.

Perfect pairing with Smart TVs: using a Teleco Smart TV lets you integrate the entire entertainment system into the same device and use a single remote control for satellite TV, streaming and satellite dish orientation.

A single access point for all devices: if used with the Teleco WLT24EX2 router, the antenna can operate as a Wi-Fi signal repeater; in this mode the user only has to configure the router to connect to the external network (usually the campsite’s): no reconfiguration is required for any of the other devices (smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, computer and so on) as they are already connected to the router.Flatsat WiFi is compatible with all TVs equipped with the DVB-S2 tuner and with all SAT receivers. The TWIN option allows it to be connected to two receivers simultaneously. Note also that the antenna has a safety system that automatically closes it when the vehicle is started.