AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics announces a strategic partnership with Clarios to distribute Varta batteries

The two companies share a vision of excellence and innovation. Together they are redefining the concept of competitiveness in the battery marketAL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics is pleased to announce a partnership with the leading vehicle battery manufacturer Clarios. As a result of the collaboration, AL-KO VTE will offer their customers a complete range of high-performance Varta AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat technology) batteries, specifically selected to meet the needs of motorhome owners. Varta is one of the world’s most popular battery brands and joined the Clarios Group in 2019. Varta and AL-KO VTE share a vision of excellence and innovation, and their strategic partnership is redefining the concept of competitiveness in the battery market. Varta products can already be ordered through the AL-KO VTE dealer network.
AGM batteries for the ultimate camping experience
Service batteries are the beating heart of every motorhome and caravan. Waking up at dawn surrounded by nature and knowing that you have access to all the comforts of a reliable and long-lasting power source is priceless. A quality service battery is the key to exploring the world without limits, ensuring freedom, safety and comfort wherever you go.AGM batteries have an optimal price-performance ratio and the performance offered by Varta batteries is among the best in the industry. The products selected by AL-KO VTE are specially designed and manufactured for motorhome and caravan use.Batteries manufactured using AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology are also suitable for installation in the living area, as they are completely free of harmful fumes. AGM batteries can also secure excellent performance in terms of durability. An internal valve, designed to automatically manage reagent pressure, makes them virtually maintenance-free.Varta has also been at the forefront of sustainability for years. The leading ESG risk assessment agency Sustainalytics has named Varta as “ESG Industry Top Rated for 2024”. This rating is given to only 5% of the surveyed companies and places Varta among the most environmentally and socially conscious companies