LMC Sassino from Sassenberg: An impressive entry-level
model. With the 460 E and the 470 K, LMC presents two new well-thought-out caravan layouts – even small cars are allowed to tow them.

A new range of models leads the way in the entry level segment: LMC is bringing the Sassino onto Europe’s roads. With the 460 E and the 470 K, the Sassenberg-based caravan specialists present not just one but a choice of two well-thoughtout layouts that leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfortable living and relaxed touring.

10_LMC_Sassino 470 K

With an overall length of 6.76 meters, the Sassino 460 E offers up to four berths in the rear and at the front. The Sassino 470 K, which is 7.18 meters long, offers six comfortable berths under one roof. Overall, it is 2.61 meters high; the interior headroom measures 1.98 meters. “With the development of the Sassino, we are meeting the high level of demand for a caravan version that is short, compact and also, with a curb weight of 880 kilograms, extremely lightweight. In terms of comfort and features, it is also equipped with numerous convenient and useful extras that make touring a genuinely comfortable experience,” says LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG brand manager Bodo Diller. A further plus in terms of mobility: thanks to its low weight, the Sassino can even be towed by small cars – with class B driving licence, provided that the total weight of the team does not exceed 3,500 kilograms.

Premium-quality chassis, fresh interior and plenty of daylight

For a start, even the Sassino’s floor already reflects the Sassenberg-based company’s proven conversion expertise – it comes with a twelve-year water ingress guarantee. The Sassino has a high-quality AL-KO chassis whose lightweight construction ensures improved driving dynamics and higher driving comfort. The lowered frame offers easier access and better aerodynamics, for example. The Sassino’s standard features include corner steadies as well as a semi-trailing arm suspension and steel wheels. Body-wise, the most striking details are the large windows at the front and rear that allow plenty of daylight to get in and are equipped with multifunctional blinds with privacy screens. The floor, front, roof and rear have been constructed from the proven material GRP – to a standard that goes way beyond the usual in the entry-level segment. The outer side walls are made of hammered finish sheet metal.

Inside, the Sassino scores with a fresh interior.

The overhead lockers go all the way round and offer plenty of storage options. At the center of the kitchen is a three burner hob with integrated
sink. The 86 liter refrigerator offers sufficient space for milk, butter and eggs. The mellow lighting in the sleeping area promises sweet dreams. The washroom is equipped with a sink and an electric flushing cassette toilet. Also on board: a reliable blown air heating system and a twelve liter fresh water container.

Optional extras with three high-quality packs

A number of optional extras are also available – from a sliding window for the kitchen to a bunk bed that sleeps three. LMC offers three upgrade packs. Besides the “Shower Pack”, which consists of shower fittings and a shower tray plus curtain and rail, for example, there is also the “Sassino Pack 1”, which includes a 25 liter wastewater tank, an automatic trailer control system, shock absorbers and a 44 liter fresh water tank with outside inlet, for example, and the “Sassino Pack 2”, which includes a skylight and a door fly screen, as well as a combi boiler for the hot water supply and an additional 230 V electric heater.