Adria introduce all-new Astella, a luxury holiday home on wheels.

The Astella story. Adria have a successful mobile home business, Adria Home and more than two decades of experience in mobile home design. Couple this with over fifty years of caravan design and manufacturing and there is a compelling case to produce something unique, with the best elements of both types of living accommodation. Cue extra-large and free-flowing volume spaces, real home-style living zones and exclusive panoramic doors and windows.

Matjaz Grm comments “Welcome to the future! Our new luxury line will challenge many preconceptions, is it a luxury caravan or a mobile home? Maybe it’s both.

The individual buyer for mobile homes has largely been replaced by resort and camping site operators, yet the needs the needs of these users are real and can be met. They seek more space, more comfort and luxury but they also don’t necessarily want to be tied to one location or camping site, they need to be able to ideally tour or at least be able to move their home each season. The new Astella can be said to redefine holiday mobility, providing a luxury holiday home you can move, or have moved for you, at the end of each season.

It also redefines the luxury holiday experience as it delivers the best experience that a caravan can and the best elements from a mobile home. It will appeal to consumers who want the ultimate holiday experience in their own holiday home, one which is moveable and which you can tow yourself.

The new Astella is our new luxury line and the luxury experience it delivers is like no other.”

The design story. Always innovating, is a philosophy at Adria and with the new Astella the brief was to create an inspiring new form of luxury holiday home, on wheels.

When the Adria team decided on the Astella project they took an unusual route from the start. As project leader Erna Povh puts it “We decided to do it from the other way round, rather than start with a good benchmark product like a regular caravan we started with a deep dive into the holiday experience we wanted to deliver. You could say we turned conventional wisdom on its head and we broke all the rules”.

“The result however, is a really innovative and unique home. Some would view it as a caravan, albeit a luxurious one, because you can tow it like any regular caravan. Others see it the same light as a mobile home, a static caravan if you like, but just more like your own luxurious holiday home set down where you most like to spend your time but moveable at the end of the holiday season or when you want to change the location”.

The Astella design language is shaped by four stories:


Clean smooth lines and a purity of shape and design for a new signature luxury line. An integrated chassis and a wider body in premium ‘silver’ materials. An interior with big volume, flowing spaces for modern holiday living, with exclusive new patented panorama doors and panoramic windows.


A new shape exterior with proven aerodynamics, integrated features and air deflectors to help airflow when towing. No unnecessary details, just everything smooth, functional and elegant.


An exclusive, flexible and open plan interior which extends through the panoramic doors and windows to the great outdoors. Everything from home including luxury bedrooms and bathroom, designer kitchen and a lounge for inside outside living.


An interior without compromise and with the beautiful luxury of simplicity. Free flowing but connected large spaces, exclusive interior design and features. Luxury bedrooms and bathroom, designer kitchen and a lounge for inside-outside living through the new panoramic doors.

The Product Story. Technically it’s a tour de force with Adria applying all its expertise in construction, using it’s tried and tested ‘Comprex’ body construction and Thermo-build insulation and airflow standards.

What’s most striking is the external shape, said to be inspired by a well-known smart phone and the purity and ergonomy of all external elements. There’s innovation too not just in the exterior profiling but also with the patented panoramic doors, the extra wide panoramic windows and external LED contour lighting. 

Astella Key Features. The new Astella, as you would expect, is well specified and Adria have used the best components, materials and offers the latest features:

  • Premium ‘silver’ body in Adria ‘Comprex’ construction.
  • Towable with appropriate vehicle and featuring an AL-KO chassis.
  • External LED contour lighting.
  • Large connected, free-flowing open living spaces.
  • Large panoramic windows.
  • Exclusive panoramic double doors.
  • Exclusive extra-large kitchen design, with Corian® worktops.
  • Elegant master bedroom suite, featuring new Adria mattresses with Octasprings®.
  • Exclusive home-style sofa bed and bunk bed solutions.
  • Elegant luxury bathroom.
  • Multi-media including Bose® sound, USB ports, Bluetooth amplifier.
  • Alde integrated underfloor heating system.
  • Adria Air-Flow system with integrated ventilation.
  • Rich controllable lighting system.
  • Pre-installation for air-conditioning.
  • New Adria MACH smart control mobile application (option).

The Layout Story

The new Astella is offered in three layouts: 

Astella 704 HP

The perfect place for a couple with one private bedroom and large living room, each with panorama doors for connected indoor-outdoor living. Luxury kitchen and elegant bathroom too. Sleeping for 2+2 people.

Astella 754 DP

This innovative layout provides the perfect place for a couple or complete family, thanks to its home concept living room with panoramic doors, luxury private bedroom and elegant bathroom.Sleeping for 2+2 people

Astella 904 HP

The perfect layout for a family or larger group to its home concept living room with panoramic doors, luxury private bedroom, elegant bathroom and its exclusive bunk-bed solution. Sleeping for 2-6 people.

The Technical Story. Astella was conceived, designed and built by a passionate and expert team within Adria Mobil. With the project many new approaches were adopted and learnings gained from new industries, including aerospace.Adria partnered with leading aeroplane manufacturer, Pipistrel ®, who helped the Adria development team achieve big advances in aerodynamics, which help when towing the vehicle.

Pipistrel ®, based in Adria-Mobil’s home country of Slovenia were founded in 1989 and are pioneers in high technology light aviation, operating over 1300 aeroplanes in 90 countries. They have won numerous European Business Awards and hold numerous world records in gliding.

The Astella also features innovative extra-large panoramic windows and double doors based on Adria’s considerable in-house experience in offering large panoramic windows in motorhomes and caravans, and the team also learned from the Company’s long experience in making mobile homes.

Product Manager, Erna Povh commented:

“We had a cross functional team of experts on the Astella project and used everything we have learned as a brand on bringing fresh technical solutions where we needed them and the best existing Adria solutions, such as in body construction, panoramic windows, air-flow and heating where we are proven leaders. We really pushed to keep a pure design and to find new technical solutions from outside the RV business, hence our cooperation with Pipistrel, who make innovative light airplanes and were instrumental in helping us apply aerodynamic principles to a large volume vehicle”.

Astella also offers new Adria MACH smart control mobile application which controls lighting, heating, cooling and utilities. It provides navigation and points of interest data, including campsites and Adria dealers. Users can access user manuals and add Mobile Office features so the Astella can even become a home or holiday office.     

The Distribution Story. The Astella line is available to buy now and will be sold in specially selected Adria dealers to end consumers and some sales are also expected to camping and holiday resorts operators.