CARAVAN SALON 2023: Selected innovations and highlights

Vanlife: CaraLife 630 LQ

Weinsberg, Knaus Tabbert AG, Hall 1

This vehicle perfectly fits CARAVAN SALON’s special topic “Self-Conversion Adventure”. Weinsberg made it their mission to build a campervan that is consistently oriented towards a both young and active target group. The CaraLife 630 LQ was inspired by the “vanlife” community and the manufacturers describe the vehicle as a “rolling chill-out lounge for supporters of a very individual vanlife”. At 6.36 m in length, this camper van on a Fiat Ducato base features a transversal bed typical of camper vans. Located adjacent to it are two double benches while the table can be stowed away. There is no conventional bath – instead a shower tray is located in the centre of the vehicle (a shower curtain can be pulled up for showering). Furthermore, a mobile toilet is on board. The driver’s cab is completely separate from the living quarters with double seating installed on the passenger side. The base price is € 59,990.

New entry-level caravan – Senara

Tabbert, Knaus Tabbert AG, Hall 1 (during the trade fair hall 4)

This year sees Tabbert celebrate its 70th anniversary and launch a new series of entry-level models. The new Senara line kicks off the 2024 model line-up with not one but six different layouts. The selection ranges from the 400 QD 2,3 – at just over four metres long and therefore very compact, for 3 people – to the 620 DMK 2,5 fit for large families. At 6,38 m it provides more than ample space. It even offers a neat, separated area housing a bedroom, bathroom as well as dressing area. Striking here is the modern and luxurious design inside and out. The basic price starts from just under € 23,000.

Luxury mobile with four slide outs: Perfect 1200 Platinum

VARIOmobil, Hall 5 C 05

Manufacturer VARIOmobil presents the VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum MB Actros 2653 at CARVAN SALON – featuring four slide-outs on three axles, a rolling luxury apartment with just under 35 m² of living space that comes fully equipped with all accessories – and made in a unique custom fashion. Boasting a new dimension in driving dynamics this vehicle is manageable despite its 26 t and agile on its fully air-suspended three-axle Mercedes-Benz Actros 2553 LLL base. Featuring a 12 m superstructure length the perfectly attuned trailing axle is self-steering. The vehicle boasts four, pneumatically sealing living area slide-outs on board as well as an XXL garage accommodating a Mercedes-Benz AMG Black Series with automatic retraction on a cantilever car platform or a Porsche 911; or it promotes sustainability by e-mobility with a charging station for such e-vehicles as a Mini SE, Fiat 500 Icon or Smart EQ. This high-tech mobile home is conveniently packaged in a PLATINUM Design with a black, real glass window strip on an exquisite metallic finish in silver. This motorhome boasts extraordinary luxury in the living area and forward-looking technologies. Its interior design scores points with a combination of satin-white and oak, matt silver. The model series is available from € 1.164.000 the Vario Perfect exhibited at CARAVAN SALON costs € 2.000.000.

Study: California CONCEPT  

Volkswagen AG Nutzfahrzeuge, Hall 16 / D 52

At CARAVAN SALON 1988 Volkswagen presented the California on a T3-base – 35 years later, at this year’s trade fair in Düsseldorf, VW presents a preview of the new generation of this camper announced for 2024. Based on the multivan with a long wheelbase, the California CONCEPT will be on display with a pop-up roof and plug-in-hybrid technology (probably the 160 kW/218 PS combination of a 4-cylinder petrol engine and an e-motor). The prototype features a sliding door on both sides (making for two awnings) convincing users with a detachable tablet-type control panel for controlling various connectivity functions by touch.

Lyseo TD with push-out: show car Lounge

Bürstner GmbH & Co.KG, Hall 6 / D 03

At CARAVAN SALON Bürstner presents the Lounge show car (based on the Lyseo TD) whose push-out technology ensures an unprecedented sense of well-being. Ideal for couples who attach importance to a large living area and sleeping comfort. The highlight of the show car is its innovative space extension thanks to a lateral push-out sofa. A sliding and stow-away table plus innovative sofabed mean the interior can effortlessly be converted into a bedroom – for an entirely new dimension in flexibility. Positioned opposite is the sideboard with a slide-out TV bringing the comfort of home when you are on the road. A thermal double floor makes for pleasant living any time of the year and provides additional storage space. A new entrance element with a display cabinet compartment completes the timelessly modern design. In terms of home comforts, you will never get closer to that homely feeling than here: the Lounge show car boasts maximum space utilisation without compromising on comfort or multi-functionality.  

“Live.Work.Connect” Project

Fendt Caravan GmbH, Hall 9 / B 37

Fendt Caravan will present the “Life.Work.Connect” Project to the public for the first time at CARAVAN SALON. Fendt Caravan and renowned partners promise a new era of mobile working and travelling. The Project is based on clear values such as quality, innovation and sustainability, which are characteristic of each partner in this cooperation. One caravan is designed for the business sector and B2B customers, while the other caravan is intended for the B2C sector and will appeal to digital nomads, content creators and influencers.

Integrated luxury mobile – Platin Frankia-GP GmbH, Hall 17 / A 20

Platin is Frankia’s flagship, presented in its latest version to the public for the first time at CARAVAN SALON. This exquisite integrated motorhome is based on the rear-wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter (190 HP, 9-speed automatic transmission) and is offered in five layouts with a comprehensive technical equipment package as well as luxurious interior. Platin promises comfort, highest quality as well as independence and comes with a self-sufficiency package as standard. The Platin convinces us with exclusive looks and is also optimally suited for travelling in winter. The basic price starts from approx. € 195,000.

Inflatable roof-top tent: TRT 140 AIR Dometic Germany GmbH, Hall 3 / D 70

Thanks to its high-performance 12 V pump supplied as standard, the Dometic TRT 140 AIR can be set up in moments. The versatile roof-top tent comes with a rugged single-point inflation system AIR Frame as well as an integrated foam mattress providing space and reliable weather protection for two. Breathable polycotton material and mesh windows in all 4 directions reduce condensation and ensure comfort in both cold and warm weather. The Dometic TRT 140 AIR can be folded double to be extra compact making it ideally suited for smaller vehicles. The roof-top tent costs € 2,500.

Semi-integrated motorhome with single beds for those new to the scene:  T 669 EB Forster-Reisemobile, Hall 10 C25

To mark its 10th anniversary, Forster Reisemobile is launching the semi-integrated T 669 EB especially targeting those new on the scene with its attractive price point (from € 65,000). The single beds in the T 669 EB measure 2.02 and/or 1.98 m. Forster offers five different layouts, three of them based on the Citroën Jumper as a platform (like the T 669 EB). Forster’s semi-integrated motorhomes score points with their modern design and both high-quality and rugged materials. At the same time, they also convince us with maximum functionality. Their furniture provides plenty of storage space for supplies, crockery or travel luggage while comfortable upholstery turns the interior into a comfy living and dining room. The extensive Travel-Line Package, which also includes the height-adjustable bed, is optional.

Interesting vehicles / selected innovations at

Offroad campervan: K-peak  Yucon, Hall 17 / B 44

By launching the K-peak under the Yucon brand, Frankia brings an off-road and self-sufficient camper to Düsseldorf. The all-terrain campervan on a Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter platform (190 PS) already catches the eye with its informal, black-grey exterior design and with its 4-wheel drive and All Terrain tyres it is also suitable for rough terrain and adventure trips. Yucon offers three standard layouts with energy self-sufficiency thanks to a 300-Ah lithium battery, 90W solar system, additional LED headlights over the windscreen, 9-speed automatic transmission or diesel heating. Featuring four seats, a large transversal bed in the rear and optional pop-up roof, the Yucon 6.0 BD is ideal for families or trips with friends. For two adventurers the Yucon K-peak 6.0 with a total weight of 3.5 t is the perfect companion – thanks to its agility, smart details and top-in-class longitudinal beds. The modern van is comfortable and lavishly equipped with base prices between € 115,000 and € 130,000 depending on the model.   

For active amateur sportspeople: Yoka Go Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 7a

Dethleffs has taken the term leisure mobile literally. Because Yoka means leisure time. What is Yoka? A motorhome? A campervan? It is the vehicle for all active amateur sportspeople who want to pursue their sports independently, freely and flexibly. With sufficient storage space, flexible interior furnishings and enough comfort for convenient overnight stays and travelling. Opening upwards across the entire vehicle width the large tailgate is very handy. The Yoka Go is just under 6 m long, 2.20 m wide and uses the Ford Transit as a platform. Available from € 47,000.

All-electric camping: Townstar EV Nissan Center Europe GmbH, Hall 16 / C 57

Nissan showcases the all-electric Nissan Townstar EV Kombi with camping conversion in Düsseldorf for the first time now. In addition to a handy kitchen module the electric family car comes with a comfortable roof-top tent. The camping conversion is specifically tuned to the e-version of the high-roof Kombi. Amongst other things it includes the Irmscher i-BOX kitchen module in the rear, which can be variably installed and removed. The modules for dishwashing, cooking and refrigeration can be conveniently removed individually and re-installed again at the flick of a wrist. The roof-top tent Maggiolina Airlander Plus Black features 130 x 210 cm lying surface and easy set-up. The electric 90 kW motor (122 HP) generates 245 Nm torque. The 45-kWh battery can be charged with alternating current (up to 22 kW) or direct current via the CCS connector of the vehicle. The latter allows the battery to be charged from 15% to 80% in as little as 37 minutes. 

Lightweight-construction caravan: Yaseo Knaus Tabbert AG, Hall 1 / A 01

Knaus Tabbert’s Yaseo perfectly fits the age of electro-mobility – with a generous feeling of space, an unobstructed line of sight and an interior as bright as it is inviting. The Yaseo is a compact and extremely lightweight entry-level caravan, which can also be towed with an e-vehicle and operated all-electric as standard (gas-free). This caravan banks on consistent lightweight construction in all disciplines, in conjunction with a reduced caravan front surface (less drag meaning less consumption for the towing vehicle). Usable living space is maximised thanks to multi-functional interior design. Part of this extra usable space comes care of the FoldXpand technology at the front and rear ends. At just 3.48 m interior length the YASEO 340 PX offers everything two people might need for comfortable caravanning without compromises. The basic price stands at just under € 22,500.

Prototype of an electric motorhome: eRV2 Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 13 / A 95

At CARAVAN SALON Vöhringer presents the first prototype of an all-electric motorhome ready for series production in cooperation with US motorhome manufacturer Winnebago Industries. Still undergoing testing, the eRV2 is set to become one of the most advanced motorhomes: all-electric, emission-free and boasting enormous reach. Ultra-lightweight, the materials by Vöhringer and Genesis used for the eRV2 crucially contribute to the vehicle’s overall weight savings. Here Vöhringers’ VunderTech products from the V.I.T. series are used.  

Tandemachser anniversary launch: Blackline 730   Polar, Hall 11 / A 03

To mark its 60th anniversary Polar launches the new Tandemachser Blackline 730, a special edition with two floor plans. The Swedes are known for their high-quality finish, outstanding furnishings, top quality and perfect insulation – making these caravans usable all year round and suitable for winter. Both the interior and exterior were redesigned in harmonious grey, brown and white shades. The interior is dominated by comfort and luxury. The Blackline 730 BQWL comes with a queen-sized bed while the 730 BSL features single beds. In terms of price the Blackline models start from just under € 92,000.

Eriba with pop-top roof: Touring 642 / 630 Hymer GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 6, B 07

Compact, lightweight and comfortable: the Eriba Touring has been the perfect companion for caravan enthusiasts for 65 years now, scoring points with design, aerodynamics and travel comfort. With two new furnishing lines and meticulous attention to detail both inside and out. With its aerodynamic bow and unique chassis form this series has always stayed true to itself – and the new generation also follows this tradition. The familiar streamlined steel tube cage derived from aircraft construction makes for pleasant roadholding characteristics, increased road safety as well as lower fuel consumption. Its compact vehicle dimensions, low overall height of 226 cm and the low laden weight make the Touring an agile travel companion also suitable for smaller towing vehicles, hybrid or e-vehicles. The new Touring 642 models (V-single beds in the rear) and Touring 630 (transverse double bed in the rear) can now be ordered with an optional pop-top roof sleeping up to five people. The 642 model will boast a basic price of below € 34,000.

Luxury alcove motorhome for couples: Alpa 6820-2 Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 7a, 01-08

The Alpa Alkoven by Dethleffs is the perfect motorhome for couples who require ample space and comfort while travelling. The Alkoven is synonymous with exclusivity and luxury offering generous sleeping space.  Inside the motorhome, there is no lack of comfort and lavish furnishings either: a spacious sofa, fully furnished kitchen and modern bathroom cater to just about every need. The great benefit of this model, however, is its suitability for camping in winter. The heated double floor, which also accommodates the water supply lines and important on-board equipment protected against ice and frost, guarantees unrivalled camping delights in winter. Perfect side effect: floor-heating style warmth in the motorhome. Its standard hot water heating and exclusive and high-quality furnishing make this vehicle a holiday flat on four wheels. The small Alpa line 6820-2 with basic furnishings is available from around € 125,000, the longer 7820-2 version from € 145,000 for the basic model.

Micro-camper – V-Class Mercedes Benz AG, Hall 16 D 22

This motorhome for demanding individualists now enters its new edition as the new Marco Polo based on the V-Class and the Marco Polo ACTIVITY on a Vito platform. Marco Polo is the compact motorhome for all those placing great emphasis on functionality, design and comfort when driving, living and sleeping. The modern and spacious interior is exemplary in the motorhome segment in terms of ergonomics as well as visual and tactile appeal. Design and material selection live up to high demands. This is also reflected amongst other things in the high-quality design of the ventilation nozzles or versatility of the optional decorative elements. At the same time, the vehicle impresses with extremely practical solutions – from the storage spaces and seating and sleeping options through to the outdoor camping accessories. Thanks to the compact chassis and vehicle technology that Marco Polo derives from the V-Class, driving Mercedes-Benz’s new motorhome is as dynamic, agile and economical as a car.  

Campervan with pop-up roof sleeping 4: Meridian 600 D Westfalia Mobil GmbH, Hall 15 E 03

Campervans with pop-up roofs are also trending again this year, however most vehicles are primarily designed for two travellers. In Düsseldorf, Westfalia presents the Meridian with an extra-large pop-up roof which sleeps four. The Meridian 600 D is based on the Ford Transit (170 PS) and is offered as a limited edition. The giant pop-up roof provides new living space and also makes sleeping on the 2.30 m long and 1.20 m wide bed comfortable – the additional transversal bed in the rear as well as an integrated bathroom make this vehicle also attractive for families. The basic price stands at just under € 87,000.  

Hard-shell rooftop tent: Good Vibes Campwerk GmbH, Hall 3 E 70

Introducing Good Vibes – the first vertically opening hard-shell rooftop tent made by Campwerk. Last year still on show as a prototype, it can now be seen at the exhibition stand in its perfected version. The sturdy hard-shell rooftop tent sleeps two adults plus another, small person or a dog. Duvets, sleeping bags or pillows can always be left inside the tent – even when it is folded down. Since the tent lifts with the help of pressure gas dampers vertically, i.e. not protruding beyond the footprint of the car, this tent can be put up to stay up wherever there is enough room for the car. It is hardly possible to prepare a cosy sleeping place faster and more easily. And it just takes seconds to enjoy the vistas from one of the four big windows/entry ways. The price is just under € 3,500.

Inflatable rooftop tent & modular concept: Habiton – Prototype Bürstner GmbH & Co.KG, Hall 6 / D 03

Presenting the Habiton study, the renowned motorhome and caravan manufacturer Bürstner introduces a vehicle that will make the hearts of young singles, couples and families with an urban lifestyle beat faster. Based on the popular Renault Kangoo this show car impresses us with its high suitability for everyday use and thoroughly researched modular concept. This vehicle fits into every car park but does not compromise on anything while camping. It wows us with its inflatable rooftop tent, which is fully integrated into the vehicle silhouette thanks to its hard-top feature. With its modern design and practical total height of under 2 metres, the Habiton is the perfect companion for the city and fits any underground parking. Despite its compact construction the vehicle offers plenty of comfort for sitting and sleeping thanks to the largest bed dimensions possible – inside the rooftop tent and vehicle interior. In terms of perceived space and living comfort, the vehicle scores points with its modular concept – quick modular installation & removal make for the optimum transition between camping and everyday use. This concept includes the removable kitchen module complete with induction hob and sink, an inflatable mattress for the interior and an electric cooler box. The living tent in the rear finally makes for a full-fledged camping solution. 

Campervan sleeping four: Avanti EBF la strada Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Hall 15 D 26

At CARAVAN SALON la strada will present its new model la strada Avanti EBF. The converted campervan on a Fiat Ducato platform provides berths and storage space for four persons at 6.36 m length. Two single beds in the rear and one elevator bed for two in the bow ensure great sleeping comfort. The variable rear storage space and storage compartments in the heated double floor also accommodate bulky luggage and utensils. Engines with 140 HP to 180 HP allow the 3.5 t motorhome to travel swiftly. The la strada Avanti EBF is a compact motorhome for up to four people. At a basic price of € 76,433 it combines driving, living and sleeping comfort with a high-quality finish.

Expandable caravan from France: 3X

Beauer SAS, Hall 11 D 06

After a few years’ break, this Cholet-based French company is now back exhibiting at CARAVAN SALON. Their expandable caravan is a real eye-catcher and at the touch of a button the little sphere expands into an almost five-metre-wide caravan in half a minute. The patented concept is based on the telescope (or “gigogne”) principle, which allows two modules to be expanded horizontally to triple the living space. In the folded position the furniture is interlaced, during the unfolding process the pieces of furniture set themselves up automatically. In the folded state the exterior footprint is comparable to a conventional car: this improves driving comfort and reduces drag. With its 12 m2 living space the 3X caravan is designed to accommodate up to four persons – fully equipped and with storage space galore. Beauer also offers a bigger version, the 3XPlus. Measuring 28 m², the 3X caravan comes fully furnished and sleeps up to 6: boasting 2 bedrooms, a dressing room, kitchen and a storage room. The 3X costs around € 34,200 while the Plus version is available from € 80,000.