Thule reveals a range of innovative RV products for vans and compact vans at the 2023 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

With the rise in popularity of living the van life, Thule revealed a range of smartly designed products to satisfy the modern RV consumer at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. From modular triangular awning panels to an e-bike-carrying towbar solution – these products will meet the latest trends in the RV industry.

Thule Sidehill – A lightweight spring arm awning for all compact vans

Thule Sidehill is the newest addition in the awning category, designed to fit all compact vans. It is the
most compact spring arm awning on the market and enables van owners to stay below the 2-meter
height mark. With the additional adapter, the awning is easy to take on and off for quick weekend

Thule Subsola – Modern and modular panels

The new Thule Subsola triangular panels help extend the living space outside your compact van and also
provide weather protection. These modular triangular panels connect to an awning and can be zipped
together in creative ways to get the desired look and coverage needed, depending on the time of day.
Thule broadens the offer in e-bike carrying solutions for vans
As a market leader in RV bike carrying solutions, Thule will expand the range of products that meet the
growing use of heavy e-bikes. The new Thule VeloTrack provides a high load capacity of 60kg while still
making it possible to open the rear door with the bikes loaded. The longer, sturdier rails with extra space
between make it the robust choice for carrying e-bikes.
The Thule VeloSwing is a towbar solution that lets you mount the same towbar bike rack on your van
as your ordinary car. It swings aside for easy access to the rear door and integrates seamlessly with the
vehicle for a premium look. With a towing capacity as high as the vehicle’s limit, Thule VeloSwing can
also tow a heavy trailer, rear cargo box, and more.

Thule Outset – Tailored for comfort and designed for adventure

The new Thule Outset is the first tent on the market that mounts directly on your towbar of your car.
This product expands the range of Thule car tents, so that consumers can choose the best solution
according to their vehicle and preferences. Thanks to world-class in-house testing facilities at Thule,
campers can rest assured that the tent is securely mounted to the back of the vehicle and will
withstand the elements.

The new Thule Subsola, Thule VeloTrack, Thule VeloSwing, and Thule Outset will be launched to consumers in spring/summer 2024. Thule Sidehill will be launched to consumers in the 2025 season.