Pilote add a new motorhome to its Pacific range: the P696D. This new 6.90m compact profile has been designed to meet the needs of motorhome-users looking for extra large living areas . Driver P696D offers a new travel experience for two, who will undeniably appreciate the XXL use of this vehicle thanks to its very ergonomic layout: a maxi lounge, a maxi sleeping area, extra big kitchen with large refrigerator, large dressing room and large cargo area.

The P696D also introduces the warmer design of the new Pilote motorhome collection. Revised for more elegance, the furniture offers a very open perception and the wood adopts a lighter shade giving a greater harmonious and brighter synonyms inside.

The living area consists of a contemporary face-to-face living room that can accommodate up to 7 people with two large comfortable benches  (large bench 1.89m), a foldable table allowing easy circulation in the vehicle, plus a large 32 ” TV optional. A bright kitchen, thanks to large windows and well equipped lighting. It has a multifunction worktop, multiple storage and has a large refrigerator with a capacity of 160L, plus 3 burner hob for easy cooking.

Located at the back, the bathroom space, with independent shower, is open and bright thanks to its skylight. Accessible from the bathroom, the dressing room which has 2 drawers, a shelf, two large niches and a large cupboard to store personal items. It offers a large storage locker with height to accommodate two electric bikes.

As for the sleeping area, theres a large dropdown bed XXL 160 X 200 cm. Which drops to with in 80 cm from the ground for easy access without ladder. An additional bed option is available in the living room which can accommodate 2 guests. P696D offers 4 travelling seats as standard.

The P696D of course maintains the high quality thermal insulation of the Pilot motorhomes which meet Class 3 certification.