Concorde Reisemobile has launched the “Concorde 21” project. This a five-year plan designed to ensure that all Concorde’s motorhomes meet within this time the latest technical and design criteria. To this end once a year at least one motorhome model line is thoroughly revised. This year it’s the turn of the luxury Centurion series.
For the first time, the Centurion will be based on the Iveco Daily and Atego chassis in addition to the well-known Actros chassis. Particularly interesting is that Centurions on the 7.5 tonne Iveco Daily chassis can be driven without a ‘truck driver’s licence’.
The following combinations will be offered for 2020:
New: The Centurion 860 LI and the 910 MI models on the Iveco Daily 70C chassis, having a 4-cylinder, 3.0 litre, 154 KW (210 HP) engine developing 470 Nm of torque.
The Centurion 990 GI and 1060 GI on the Atego chassis, equipped with a 6-cylinder, 7.7 litre, 220 kW (299 hp) engine developing 1200 Nm of torque.
Existing: The Centurion 990 MI, 990 MT, 1100 GSI, 1160 GSI, 1165 GSI, 1200 GST, 1204 GST and 1205 GST models on the Iveco Actros chassis equipped with a 6-cylinder, 10.7 litre, 290 kW (standard) 394 hp) engine developing 1900 Nm of torque.

Those requiring more power can opt for either a 10.7 litre engine with 394 hp and 1900 Nm of torque (standard) or a 12.7 litre engine with 530 hp and 2600 Nm of torque.
Whilst the compact Centurion 990 MT model does not feature a slide-out or garage, the new generation Centurion 1204 GST is now equipped with a Fiat 500 garage and a separate toilet room.
Particularly innovative in the Actros models is the new state-of-the-art camera system with two displays that replace the conventional exterior mirror ensemble. These not only indicate the vehicle length and rear clearance, but also the distance of an approaching vehicle.
The main innovations of the 2020 Centurion models are as follows:
The front end of the new Centurion models is significantly influenced by the appearance of the existing, larger, models. The look is very automotive with a diamond signet motif and integrated hatch flaps. The latter are now easily raised with a gas spring and centrally locked on each side of the vehicle via the panel.
In common with the larger models the awning is embedded in the vehicle body and flush with the surface. This makes it not only look more elegant, but prevents wind noise while driving and serves the overall ergonomics of the vehicle.

A 360-degree camera system is now integrated into the rear of the motorhome, providing the driver with a perfect overview of what is happening around the vehicle.
A new airline rail system allows completely flexible lashing and fastening of goods in the rear garage or storage space.
Also new is the Ambilight system in the cab. Borrowed from the modern passenger car interior it cleverly sets light accents for individual function buttons and other things for the driver. It supports the redesigned dashboard, which has not only been ergonomically customised, but clearly has all functions arranged in a logical manner. These include two screens (for the camera and the navigation system) as well as other monitoring elements.
The central locking system for ALL doors is now controlled by the ignition key.
In the habitation area, seat comfort is improved thanks to adjustable lumbar supports. Combined with a new media system including a smart TV and sound bar, this provides a perfect area for relaxation and enjoyment.
New for the kitchen area are a retractable triple socket, an electro-mechanical lift for the coffee-machine, and extra space for the pharmacy style pull-out cupboard. There is also a double sink and a modern gastro-cooker.
All Centurion models for 2020 feature an attractive exterior design, blending in the garage doors elegantly with the entire vehicle side.
As is so often the case, the real advantages are in the detail. Concorde has endowed the new Centurion model generation with numerous, but useful, detail improvements. The fact that the key elements of the Centurion range are designed to the highest standards possible is recognised throughout the industry.