AL-KO VTE to meet the growing appetite for energy in RVs

To meet the growing appetite for energy in RVs, AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics (VTE) is offering a new range of three pure sine wave inverters with continuous powers from 300 to 1500 W. A 2000 W model will make its debut at this summer’s trade shows.

Inverters that transform a battery’s 12 V current into a 230 V current are becoming more popular, together with solar panels and lithium batteries, as today’s campers try to recreate an electrical system as similar as possible to that at home, so they don’t have to compromise on comfort when on holiday.

Compared to modified sine wave inverters, pure sine wave inverters are more suitable for
powering sensitive equipment that requires a stable waveform, such as televisions,
computers, air conditioners, household appliances, electric motors and electronic devices
that may not work properly with modified sine wave. Also, these tend to have higher
efficiency and produce less electromagnetic interference than other types of inverters.
The new AL-KO VTE inverters in the ERP series, with pure sine wave output, are specially
designed for use in motorhomes and cars. They are characterised by high construction
quality, reliability and safety – all important aspects of using high amperage direct currents
as if they are used in incorrectly sized systems, they could cause overheating. The new
inverters are made with a sturdy but light aluminium alloy chassis, yet with reduced
dimensions and weight, from 1.4 to 3.9 kg for the three models currently in the range,
thanks to HE (High Efficiency) technology.
AL-KO VTE has paid particular attention to safety, with a ‘smart’ cooling fan controlled
according to the load and temperature, as well as a complete series of protective devices
against overload, short circuit, overtemperature, too high/low voltage (operating voltage in
the 9.5/16 V range).

Complete with a type A USB port to directly power electronic devices such as smartphones
and tablets, the AL-KO VTE ERP series inverters are already set up for connection to the
MCI3 remote panel to conveniently control the switching on/off of the appliance and check
its status via the green LED which indicates activation.