AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics: consumptions and residual energy always under control
The new test panel PT750 with NE363 shunt is the latest addition to the 2024 catalogue, also compatible with lithium batteries. The OLED Touch Screen display provides information about the state of charge.

Electrical installations of motorhome cells are increasingly sophisticated, powerful and complex and require continuous control of battery performance and charging levels to ensure optimal performance and available power, a vital element for the correct operation of onboard services. Charging systems and high-performance lithium batteries have become ubiquitous and require a constant and particularly precise state of charge monitoring, so that residual energy can be checked in just a glance.

AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics provides instruments for controlling those functions. The new test panel PT750 together with the NE363 shunt are part of the “Lithium” line, as they also enable the monitoring of this type of battery, providing the SOC (state of charge) as a percentage reading, an indispensable function for most recreational vehicles that use them, in addition to more traditional lead, gel and AGM batteries.
Fitted with an OLED Touch Screen display for reading battery state of charge (SoC, as a percentage), the test panel PT750 displays battery voltage and current (in the range -150 A + 150 A) and enables minimum brightness adjustment for improved readability in any light conditions.
It is supplied with a shunt (NE363), which enables the precise measurement of input and output battery current, as well as a 5-metre-long cable. The PT750 is available in two versions: built-in or wall-mounted and is supplied with a spacer. 60 x 60 mm, it is complete with a Berker “BMAC1C” frame, suitable for the “Modular Plates” and “Modular Plates Berker” series, for seamless installation that perfectly blends in with cell furnishings.
The new test panel PT750 will be presented at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, from 25th August 2023, at the company’s stand in Hall 14/Stand A6.