Thule Outset

Thule Outset – Experience the revolution in outdoor living

Discover a new standard in outdoor living with the Thule Outset – the first towbar-mounted tent on the market that is tailored for comfort and designed for adventure.

Thule Outset will be available in the late spring of 2024. Sign up for updates about Thule Outset and to be the first to know when it’s available!

Pushing the boundaries of adventure design

Nature can be a trying place. That’s why, more than anywhere else, products used on rugged adventures require the refined eye of a design team that can foresee nature’s whims and plan accordingly.

Adventure design is about working together with nature to harness its strength, withstand its power, and enhance its beauty. This is the philosophy that has informed the development of Thule Outset.

The sleek, modern silhouette and calming color palette help Thule Outset blend into its surroundings and the rigorous testing of materials ensures it can withstand those surroundings, too.

With Thule Outset, comfort is not only key to providing you with a good night’s sleep but opening up a new and intimate way to experience nature.