Constantly cool, that is what we guarantee with the new N4000 series absorption refrigerators. No matter what the power input is, the refrigerator stays cool, anywhere and anytime. Following the updated interior of the N3000 series, the new range of high performing absorption refrigerators are fit for the future.

N4000, constantly cool

Imagine a campsite, for example in South-Europe, high temperatures, crowded, with many devices connected to the power supply. The coffee from your machine not as hot and the beers in the refrigerator are not cold enough. Often it is the case that the power supply is providing less than 230V. This influences the performance of your refrigerator.

With our new N4000 series, the refrigerator cabinet temperature is always perfect regardless of a varying power supply. Between approx. 205V and 250V a good and consistent refrigerator performance is guaranteed.

Patented smart electronics make the difference

Because of smart patented electronics, a self-regulating energy supply is secured. By making use of the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) method, you will have a more energy-efficient refrigerator that cools down faster and is more stable. Furthermore, all models now have the automatic power source selection (LED+ or LCD) available. So, you can relax while the refrigerator automatically selects the best power source available.

Fit for the future

All N4000 models are CI-BUS ready. This means that the manufacturer can choose to connect the refrigerator to the central display of the vehicle with the CI-BUS connector cable. Once connected, you can control relevant options like ‘mode on/off’, ‘energy source’, ‘temperature setting’ and ‘error codes’.


The RV manufacturer has the choice to connect or shut off the 12V option as an energy source. If you wish, you are able to remove the dependency of the 12V DC power supply of your vehicle. This gives the flexibility to create a 3-way or a 2-way model.

Model (*) Key feature Other feature Display Volume Total (L) Volume Frozen food (L) Energy cons. (kWh
Energy cons. gas (g/24h) Net weight (kg)
N4080 Table top   LED+ 81 10 2.4 240 22.5
N4090 Table top   LED+
or LCD
89 11 2.6 270 22.5
N4097 Table top   LED+
or LCD
96 11 2.6 270 23.5
N4100 Table top   LED+
or LCD
97 11 2.8 330 27
N4104 Table top   LED+
or LCD
105 11 2.8 330 27
N4108 Table top   LED+
or LCD
106 14 2.6 270 24
N4112 Table top   LED+
or LCD
113 14 2.6 270 24
N4141 Slim fit External bottle drawer LED+
or LCD
141 15 3.9 400 38
N4142 Slim fit Integrated bottle drawer LED+
or LCD
142 15 3.9 400 37
N4145 Double-doors Flat door frame LED+
or LCD
141 23 4.0 420 37
N4150 Double-doors Curved door frame LED+
or LCD
149 25 4.0 420 37.5
N4170 Double-doors Flat door frame LED+
or LCD
167 29 4.0 420 39
N4175 Double-doors Curved door frame LED+
or LCD
175 31 4.0 420 39.5