Even Greater Flexibility with the ThermoConnect App From Webasto

Parking heaters usually last the life of a car. And so do their controllers. However, the way in which controllers work is developing continuously and is becoming ever more flexible. The multifunctional ThermoConnect app from Webasto, the market leader in the field of parking heaters, is now also capable of controlling multiple heaters. Another new feature is voice control, which is made possible using a free Alexa skill. Drivers who already possess a Webasto parking heater can retrofit the app control function – irrespective of whether the heater was already installed as a factory option or has been retrofitted.

A single app for multiple heaters
Owners who use multiple Webasto heaters – for instance because there are several cars in their household or they own both a car and a motorhome – are now able to control all of their devices using a single app. ThermoConnect controls both the Thermo Top Evo parking heater as well as the Air Top 2000 STC and Air Top Evo 40/55 air heaters.

New: control using an Alexa skill
Thanks to a new Alexa skill, it will also be possible to control Webasto parking heaters using voice commands from the first quarter of 2020. The prerequisites for this is the use of a voice assistant from Amazon as well as a ThermoConnect to control the parking heater. This makes programming the parking heater child’s play.

Simple upgrade for the controlling device
For Webasto parking heaters installed in cars and motorhomes that are currently controlled using the preset timer, remote control or ThermoCall app, an option is now available to retrofit the convenient web-based ThermoConnect app controller.

If the parking heater has already been installed by the automobile manufacturer and is controlled from a panel in the car or via radio remote control, it is only necessary to obtain an adapter cable to upgrade to app-control of the heater. This cable is connected to the receiver fitted at the factory. This applies to vehicles from practically all automakers.

For retrofit parking heaters the upgrade is even simpler, because no additional cable is required.

In addition, a ThermoConnect control unit is always fitted to the vehicle in a position that is not visible. This unit already contains a SIM card. Once the free app has been downloaded, the parking heater can be operated using a smartphone, tablet computer or PC, irrespective of the distance. Heating schedules can be preset at any time, including regularly recurring ones.