The Flair 880

With the successful market launch of the latest generation of the Flair motorhome last year, Niesmann+Bischoff completely redefined the liner class. At this year’s Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf , the premium motorhome manufacturer from Polch will be premiering the Flair 880 – the shorter version of the model range. 

Supreme quality from the outside, but the real surprise is waiting inside: Niesmann+Bischoff is setting completely new standards for the interior of the Flair. The style is modern, clean, timeless and minimalistic, but without compromising on design, materials or cosiness.

Brimming with top-quality materials, lots of innovative ideas as well as a wide range of different configurations, customers can make their dream premium liner a reality.

Compared to its predecessor, it is immediately apparent from the outside that the exterior of the Flair has been given a makeover and significantly improved as a result – it is a liner that will turn heads. A modern, sporty design that features straight lines and is modest and simple. The headlights, daytime running lights and rear lights create a uniform and very distinctive signature look for the vehicle. The tinted windows made of real glass emphasise the elegant exterior look.

It is the interior of the Flair that truly shines. This is underlined by the brand’s slogan – “Clou inside” – and the modern interior design is a big change from the more conservative interiors found in other liner class models.

The clear line of sight and large amount of space inside the motorhome are remarkable. Compared to the previous model, the step up to the single beds – which join in the middle – has been made much larger. The face-to-face seating area, which can be transformed into a transverse bench with two additional seat belts, as well as the folding table with adjustable leg contribute to this feeling of open space. Together, they create a wide passage from the cab all the way to the rear bed.

The ceiling cupboards at the front of the motorhome provide extra storage space. If desired, however, customers can choose to have two extra berths here, with a lifting bed that all but vanishes in the ceiling.

Choice of two bodywork lengths

For the very first time, in addition to the Flair 920 (9.27 m length), it will also be possible to see the almost 40 cm shorter Flair 880, with a length of 8.87 m, at the Caravan Salon. Both versions of the Flair feature the same room division. Although the kitchenette is a little shorter, it still comes with all the mod cons – from the electrically-operated, telescopic cooker hood and dishwasher to the large oven with a grill and the handy microwave.

Numerous different configurations

The modern design with functional freedom is what many customers already love about the kitchen area. On the Flair 880, the large refrigerator with separate freezer is also integrated in the wall unit, which is something of a rarity in motorhomes – as a result, the furniture design is not broken up by the refrigerator door. This makes the living area appear much larger, since the refrigerator and wardrobe form a single unit.

The design can be customised in a number of different ways: with no bearing on the other furnishings, a choice of real wood veneers is available for the ceiling cabinets in the kitchen and the drawer fronts, including “Walnut planket”, “Breeze Oak” or matt white. A kitchen work surface made from a solid surface material with a stone effect is available with an integrated sink.

The new Flair range is not only available in an elegant, white paint finish – sporty “Eifel Grey” is also an option, with a choice of different exterior finishes.

Multifunctional double floor and technology ensure greater self-sufficiency

The Flair also boasts a lot of space underfoot: all of the vital tanks and smart technology is concealed by a highly practical double floor. All of the installations have been arranged in a way that aims to create as much storage space as possible, while also making it easier to access. Thanks to the retractable box system, the new space could not be any easier to use – even in the Flair 880 with its shorter bodywork length. 

You are extremely self-sufficient in the Flair: the liner is equipped with a 100 Ah lithium battery as standard, for example. The independent power supply can be upped to 6 x 100 Ah – combined with a powerful inverter and charger as well as a battery management system. There is also the choice of a 220 or 440 watt solar energy system. A 370-litre fresh water tank as well as a 250-litre waste water tank are fitted on board as standard. For even greater self-sufficiency, the optional liner package includes a fixed tank toilet with a 200-litre tank along with a ceramic bowl, as well as underfloor heating.

Safety first – the Flair is a pioneer when it comes to driving safety

The electronic assistance systems of the Iveco Daily 70 C18, such as Emergency Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and the Lane Departure Warning System, offer real added value where safety and comfort are concerned. Niesmann+Bischoff has combined all of these popular options into one single driving safety package.

What’s more, the Flair continues to be the only liner that features airbags, ESP, a seatbelt tensioner and a crash mechanism for the brake. While this has been common in passenger cars for a long time now, in the IVECO liner class of fully-integrated motorhomes, this unique safety concept remains something of a unique selling point for the Flair.