Kampa, one of Europe’s most recognized outdoor leisure brands, will be integrated to Dometic. Popular inflatable tents, awnings and other outdoor leisure products will be offered globally under the Dometic brand umbrella.

Dometic announced its new portfolio of outdoor leisure products by incorporating and rebranding acquired Kampa products.

The new Kampa Dometic portfolio includes inflatable awnings and camping tents, mobile furniture and other outdoor leisure accessories. Kampa’s distribution network is now integrated to Dometic’s, and all Kampa Dometic products and related service are available globally

Leveraging the heritage of being at the forefront of lightweight awning technology, the new Kampa Dometic portfolio offers smart design with high quality, reliable materials.

Peter Kruk, President of EMEA, Dometic says: “The Dometic brand is starting to be recognized as an outdoor leisure brand among consumers. The new Kampa Dometic portfolio will support this transition and our business strategy in expanding into the consumer segment.”

The new Kampa Dometic portfolio will be showcased for the first time at this years’ Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. During the show, the new 2020 range will be introduced to the market. Five key new models are listed below.

Dometic releases a new series of portable refrigerators for RV owners and car campers. The new CFF electric cooler/freezer features a unique double-sided opening lid and comes with a stylish, modern design complemented by an efficient interior storage layout. From travellers who enjoy the #Vanlife to family campers, more and more people spend their time off-grid in nature and have discovered the benefit of having a portable fridge while they are away from home. As a complement to the current premium models designed with off-road durability, Dometic now introduces the new CFF series electric cooler/freezer with innovative double-sided opening lid. The new addition still achieves high cooling performance with low energy consumption. The lid of the CFF can be accessed and opened from either side of the fridge, which maximizes the flexibility of use and placement. For outdoor lovers and campers, the Dometic CFF portable fridge/freezer provides the essentials: dependable refrigeration and freezing, spacious storage combined with impeccable insulation, topped off by a stunning design. The Dometic CFF series will be available online and in store in January 2020, with a list price of EUR 759 – 819 (incl.VAT).

Dometic introduces Dometic SP300, the new side window darkening system custom-made for the Fiat Ducato and similar panel vans. It provides all-around protection against sun, cold weather and the curious eyes of neighbors.

The Dometic SP300 side window darkening system is especially designed for the Fiat Ducato and similar models such as the Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper. It enhances privacy and comfort when spending time in the vehicle.

The SP300 is lighter in weight than other systems of this kind but its double-pleated honeycomb material ensures maximum insulation against heat and cold. Complementing the Dometic FP300 windscreen blind, the new system provides perfect privacy all around with

its guide panel for improved privacy and darkening effect.

The SP300 is super easy and fast to install thanks to its delivery kit with all necessary mounting accessories. There is also no need to disassemble any door components in the installation process. 

Dometic SP300 will be available on the market from September 2019.


• Double-pleated Duette honeycomb material for maximum insulation against heat and cold

• New guide panel for improved privacy and darkening effect

• Fast and easy installation, without disassembly of any door components

• About 40 mm clearance for better visibility of the passenger mirror

• Ultra-flat handlebar for convenient operation

• Flawless visible surface – looks like an integrated solution

• Light weight of only 1.2 kg per side – much lighter than competitor systems

Custom-fit for Fiat Ducato models X250 and X290 as well as the similarily designed Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper models.


The new Dometic Campervan Concept features a noble dark gray design that blends nicely with the original campervan designs. The collection includes an air-conditioner, rear-view camera, awning, window and rain-drainer.

Dometic is now responding to campervan owners’ long-time frustrations. Owners of campervans have been struggling to find RV gears that naturally blend with their beloved second house simply because the color of the gear normally stands out when it’s mounted on a van.

What the owners have been doing is painting over added items to make them fit into the design of the van.

The Dometic Campervan Concept solves this problem elegantly with its noble dark gray; the color matches most campervans on the market nicely, not disturbing the original design of the vehicle.

The Dometic Campervan Concept offers several upgrades with a consistent design language in noble dark gray. Products included in the concept are:


Roof air conditioner with air distribution box, specially designed for campervans:

• Ultra-compact and lightweight design

• Cools, warms or dehumidifies air at the touch of a button

• Ideal for campervans

• Cooling capacity: 2000 W

• Heating capacity: 1200 W

• Soft-start – easy start-up even with low electrical protection


Tilting roof window comes with a new glazing panel, which improves aerodynamics, reduces noise, keeps dirt out and makes cleaning easier. The color matches the design of most vehicle roofs:

• Dual-layer glazing dome – welded with the outer frame

• Opens to three positions: fully open, half-open, and bad-weather position (with lever)

• Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens


Brake light console camera with NAV adapter, 150° diagonal:

• Supplied with an adapter for connection to multimedia systems or navigation devices

• 150° wide-angle lens with large picture angle

• For FIAT Ducato X250, X290 (and its sister models)


Roof awning with complete assembly kit:

• Lightweight and compact dimensions – flattest roof awning on the market

• Ideal for panel vans and small caravans

• Plastic end caps

• High-quality awning fabric made of one piece – no welding seam

• Support legs with patented Easy Lock Flipper

• Lengths from 2.65 m up to 4.5 m, extension up to 2.5 m