Erwin  Hymer  Group  and its  brands  cancel  participation in European trade  fairs until the end of the year

The  Erwin   Hymer   Group  and  its  brands  Burstner,  Carado, Crosscamp, Dethleffs, Eriba, Etrusco, Hymer,  Niesmann+Bischoff, Laika, LMC and Sunlight  cancel their  participation in all European trade fairs planned for 2020. In view  of the high  visitor density at trade fairs  such as the Caravan  Salon Dusseldorf and the measures  that  are necessary  due to the risk of  infection by the  corona virus, it does not  make  sense to participate in trade  fairs  this year.

Martin Brandt, CEO of the Erwin Hymer Group (EHG): “The health  of our customers, employees  and trade partners is our top priority- we cannot take this responsibility  lightly. In the Corona crisis with its special requirements for physical distance and hygiene, a casual atmosphere of information, advice and purchase is no longer a given. However, we regard this as a fundamental  prerequisite  for a successful trade fair. For this reason, we as EHG together  with our brands refrain from participating in the trade fairs planned  for 2020 until  the end of the year.” This decision also affects  the world’s largest  leisure trade  fair,  the  Caravan  Salon  Dusseldorf,  which  is scheduled  to  take  place  at  the  beginning  of September.

Martin  Brandt

With over 1,200 trading partners in Germany and Europe, the Erwin Hymer Group brands have a strong and professional  dealer and service network.  This allows customers and interested  parties  to obtain information on products  and competent  advice directly from their local EHG dealer.

Comprehensive   arrangements   for  contactless  sales  consulting   and  the  increased  use  of  digital marketing  will  ensure that  the  product  innovations  2020/21  and the  offers  of  EHG dealers can  be experienced throughout Europe in a safe environment.

The EHG Chairman  emphasizes  that  the  current  cancellation  is due  to  an  absolutely  exceptional situation:  “Caravanning  stands  for  flexible  and  individual   vacations  in  Germany  and all regions  of Europe. This will continue to be the case in the future, especially as our customers are less restricted by the current situation  due to the self-sufficiency  of their vehicles. They automatically keep their distance in their homes on wheels. Many caravanning  fans are thus likely to be able to enjoy their holidays this year- even under the current travel restrictions.”

Martin  Brandt  is optimistic about the  caravanning and  trade  fair  season  2021: “The  current crisis  will further strengthen the  trend  towards conscious  and decelerated travel.  Even if we have to  cancel  our trade  fair participations this year, we are already  looking forward to presenting our new  products and innovations to a wide audience at trade  fairs again next  year. The enthusiasm for caravanning and slow travel- relaxed and safe travel  with motorhomes, caravans and camper  vans- will continue to grow.”

The Erwin Hymer Group is a 100 percent subsidiary of Thor Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles with more than 25,000 employees worldwide.

The ERWIN HYMER GROUP specialists, hire and financing services under one roof. The motorhome and caravan brands Buccaneer, Bürstner, Carado, Crosscamp, Compass, Dethleffs, Elddis, Eriba, Etrusco, Hymer, Niesmann+Bischoff, Laika, LMC, Roadtrek, Sunlight and Xplore, the motorhome rental companies McRent and rent easy, and also the chassis specialist Goldschmitt, the accessories specialist Movera and the touring portal freeontour all belong to the Erwin Hymer Group.

A third great achievement for Dethleffs: After e.home and e.home Coco, Dethleffs presents the Globevan e.Hybrid – First motorhome with plug-in hy-brid capability suitable for being manufactured in volume production – Com-pany underscores its leading role in electromobility in the caravanning industry

Successful hat trick: For the third year in a row, the leisure-vehicle manufacturer based in the Allgäu region of the German Alps is presenting something entirely new in regard to the field of electromobility. This year, the company is present-ing the first production-ready Dethleffs motorhome with plug-in hybrid, thus not only emphasising its trailblazing role in electromobility in the caravanning sector but also offering up an exciting premiere once again. “As a friend of the family, we also keep future generations in mind and therefore concern ourselves inten-sively with the topic of sustainability in our industry”, explains Dethleffs Manag-ing Director Alexander Leopold. “Preservation of the natural environment is one of our most utmost goals, because caravanning and experiencing nature go hand in hand. For this reason we have been working for many years on electromobili-ty, which will be one of the keys to this”, Leopold says with confidence. “We want to do pioneering work with our initiatives and are committed to establish-ing electromobility in caravanning.

” The Globevan e.Hybrid, which Dethleffs is presenting for the first time at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, is the first pro-duction-ready implementation.

The basis of the Globevan e.Hybrid is a Ford Transit Custom with drive axles whose propulsion is purely electrical. The rechargeable battery installed in the vehicle provides a range of up to 50 km of purely electrical operation. TheGlobevan also offers a greater range overall, of course. This is achieved with the built-in “Range Extender”, a 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine that serves exclu-sively as a generator for charging the battery.
This combination offers the advantage that the Globevan, which is suitable for everyday use, can be driven in cities just using electricity. Any city-centre prohi-bitions on vehicles that emit pollutants from therefore do not apply to this hy-brid. At the same time, braking and stepping off the gas can generate energy through recuperation, enabling driving that is particularly energy-efficient and associated with low fuel consumption. The combustion engine always runs in the optimum speed range with maximum torque and supplies the rechargeable bat-tery with power, which in turn supplies the electric motor with power, giving the Globevan a maximum total range of 500 km.
The batteries can be recharged in under 5.5 hours from an ordinary household socket or within 3 hours from a fast-charging socket. The total output of the combination of electric motor and combustion engine is 92 kW (126 hp).
“It’s in our nature to think ahead”
Dethleffs’ journey into the e-mobile future began in 2017, when the first study of a motorhome propelled fully electrically, e.home, was presented to the public with extensive coverage in the media. Last year we witnessed the second great achievement with the self-propelled electric caravan e.home Coco. With its overall concept of a self-driving, autonomously propelled caravan and its use as an electricity storage unit, it represents a real paradigm shift in caravanning. And this year Dethleffs is exhibiting the first production-ready hybrid motorhome, which in turn is a premiere. “Doing foundational work is something that is part of our DNA and thinking ahead comes naturally to us, as Arist Dethleffs proved in 1931 when he invented the first caravan in Germany”, says Alexander Leopold.
“Thanks to his invention, he was always able to have his family, which was very important to him, come along with him on his long business trips to distant countries. Family and the associated future of our children are also close to our hearts. It wasn’t by chance that we embraced the concept of “a friend of the family”. We also want to operate in accordance with this slogan in every respect. That’s why we have been very serious about finding alternatives and visions for the future of our industry for years now. The Globevan e.Hybrid and our pro-gress in implementing the e.home Coco, which we are also showing in Düssel-dorf, are important milestones along this path.”
The topic of sustainability is on the company’s agenda in many different ways. The company located in Isny always finds smart and effective methods for pro-tecting the environment on a sustainable basis, whether that involves bee colo-nies on the factory grounds, paperless production in the newly built factory hall, a combined heat and power plant fed with wood wasteproducts from in-house production, clean separation of waste in the entire company, campaigns which support commuting to work by bicycle or minimisation of waste in general.
Not just holiday companions
“For our first hybrid vehicle, we opted for a version of a motorised leisure vehi-cle suitable for city and daily use because the vehicle’s concept and drive are designed so that you can cover 50 km exclusively using the electric drive sys-tem”, Alexander Leopold explains. “This is a distance that many people travel every day in their vehicles, primarily in urban areas. Our Globevan is therefore able to serve not just as a holiday companion but also as a versatile first vehicle thanks to its compact dimensions and multifunctionality.”

Vehicles suitable for urban and everyday use are not new territory for Dethleffs; for more than 15 years, so-called urban vehicles and camper vans have been developed, designed and produced for Pössl at the Isny site. The birthplace of the Erwin Hymer Group’s latest brainchild – the Crosscamp – is also the Camper Van Competence Centre in Isny.
Benefits and features of the city-friendly Globevan e.Hybrid
While functioning as an everyday car for four occupants during the week, at the weekend this motorhome allows you to escape from everyday life, with the Globevan bringing along everything necessary to do so. The van, which is almost five metres long and two metres wide, gives you the impression that you are riding in a normal passenger car and fits into any standard parking space. The automatic transmission and the many assistance systems offered by Ford also contribute to a pleasant driving experience.
The pop-up roof conceals a 190 by 110 cm bed with a comfortable mattress and plate suspension. Windows with mosquito screens for ventilation and enjoying the view also provide plenty of fresh air while you sleep. In the kitchen unit with two-burner hob and sink as well as a 16-litre compressor cooler, you can not only conjure up a delicious breakfast but also stow or refrigerate fresh ingredi-ents and drinks. Since the gas bottle, freshwater tank and wastewater tank are not located in the kitchen unit, the small kitchen is able to feature a practical drawer and plenty of storage space. You can enjoy a meal at the table, which is easily attached to the kitchen unit when required or practically attached to the rear storage compartment when it is not in use. Thanks to the standard rotating driver and passenger seats, four people can also sit on them in comfort. Addi-tional storage space for holiday utensils is available in the overhead locker or in the compartments in the rear furniture unit. You only need to turn the two-seat

bench to convert it into an additional 190 by 90 cm bed. The bench can be ad-justed lengthwise and can also be removed completely if more extensive transport tasks need to be completed.
The floor of the Globevan is a rigid, insulated sandwich floor with an attractive PVC coating in a dark wood look. In combination with the silver-grey furniture look with anthracite-coloured contrasts, the result is a fresh, modern interior that is well illuminated as required by LED light strips located under the roof.
Windows in the kitchen area, the sliding door and the rear provide for ample fresh air in the vehicle. The Globevan is powered by its own on-board battery, allowing it to be used off-grid for a few days.
To purchase the vehicle, prospective buyers can register on the Caravan Salon.