KRUG EXPEDITION PROJECT RHINO forms long-term partnership with South African wildlife conservation Nkombe Rhino

Today on World Rhino Day 2021, Austrian expedition truck manufacturer KRUG EXPEDITION and South African wildlife consideration Nkombe Rhino officially announce their collaboration. Its chief mission is to support wildlife conservation projects directly carried out by Nkombe Rhino.
A set portion of the proceeds from every KRUG EXPEDITION PROJECT RHINO lightweight-build 4×4 truck sold or rented directly benefit projects carried out by Nkombe Rhino.

Wildlife conservation is powerful. A new way of travelling is emerging.
KRUG EXPEDITION believes that tourism informed by conservation efforts, and carried out ethically and sustainably is the only way to ensure a thriving ecosystem. Working with Nkombe Rhino is based on a conscious decision, and a
chord that strikes with our philosophy… we deeply care about the environment.
Poaching an human conflict remain the biggest threats to the safety and wellbeing of wildlife throughout Africa. Alongside Nkombe Rhino’s vision, hopefully one day we will see wild and free-running rhinos with their magnificent horns, without ever being threatened to be killed for it.
‘Supporting Nkombe Rhino puts us where we need to be: front and center, doing everything we can to support every effort to save precious wildlife.

Nkombe Rhino_World Rhino Day 2021

Our involvement through our PROJECT RHINO trucks hopefully has long- term effects, and we are looking forward to this journey full of curiosity and with an open mind.’ Stephan Gorovoy, KRUG EXPEDITION PROJECT RHINO

The Regent will be fitted with SKA comfort seats as standard for model year 2020. The axis of rotation is decentralised. The seat with its two armrests can thus be easily turned towards the living area and back again. The pneumatic lumbar support adjusts continuously to the driver’s back at the touch of a button. The seat heating warms on colder days.

The Regent can now sit comfortably. The previous 65 litre refrigerator model of the Regent S will be replaced from model year 2020 by an 81 litre compressor refrigerator. This means 26 percent more refrigerated space for fresh treats from the holiday regions. The refrigerator remains in its place at a back-friendly height to the right of the kitchen block.