Open space effect and excellent living comfort

Upgrade of the successful models in the 7.50 m class ● Face-to-face layouts on the Profila T/RS and Integra Line 720 QF and 730 EF ● Updated bathroom concept on the 720 QF central bed variant ● Vehicle lengths grow to 7.57 m ●

Success sets a precedent: following the 720 EF floor plan, the central bed variants and the single bed variant with low beds with the popular face-to-face seating group are now being launched in the Profila T / RS and Integra Line series.

The comfortable layouts with face-to-face lounge sofas impress with their open space effect and plenty of freedom of movement around the table. The 16 cm increase in length to 7.57 m is offset by a considerable increase in the comfort and feeling of space in the living area and a bathroom that can be used with even more versatility. Also practical are the two individual seats with Isofix mountings that can be folded out in the direction of travel and disappear back into the seat chest when the vehicle is parked.

The redesigned bathroom in the 720 QF now has two sliding doors to the rear in addition to the room divider door to the front of the vehicle. This allows parallel use as a dressing room. Thanks to the height adjustment of the central bed, the QF variants have a large storage space above the lowered rear garage. 

The 730 EF layouts occupy a special position in the realm of single bed models. The low-positioned beds are hallmarks for these vehicles, as is the bathroom in the rear, which runs across the entire width of the vehicle. This creates a walk-in bedroom with a separate shower-bath. Thanks to the double floor, there is still plenty of storage space in the side storage compartments despite the lack of a garage. In all Face-to-Face models, Eura Mobil uses the kitchen block with ergonomically curved front and raised 142-litre refrigerator. The kitchen demonstrates a high level of functionality with the folding worktop, which serves as a drip tray for dishes, for example. Equipped in this way, the successful models from the upper middle class are entering the new season with fresh vigour..