New Telair TLI Premium

The DIN L5 container offers much more energy in the same dimensions than a traditional battery,
while the integrated wireless function lets you monitor battery status on your smartphone via the
Teleco App Lugo di Ravenna – Abundant energy, fast charging, large-load capacity, lightness.

These, in short, are the key advantages of lithium (LiFePO4) batteries compared to their lead-acid
counterparts. And Teleco has now gone further by adding a versatile container with standard DIN dimensions (L5) that can contain 104, 120 and 150Ah batteries. This means an old battery can be replaced with a Telair TLI Premium simply and quickly, giving users all the advantages of this technology. In addition to the versions with the DIN L5 container, Teleco also provides a slightly larger 200Ah variant for those with higher energy needs.
The core technology of TLI Premium batteries is the state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS),
which controls the voltage of each individual cell, both during charging and discharging, thus extending the battery’s service life. The BMS also ensures protection from failures due to high temperatures, overcharging and deep discharging: once the minimum charge threshold is detected, the BMS automatically disconnects the battery.

The Teleco Telair BMS system offers further advantages: integrated wireless communication, which lets you monitor battery status on your smartphone via the Teleco App, a button to enter/exit storage mode, a battery diagnostics system and an error log. Users also have the option of installing an external control panel, where the same parameters can be viewed on the OLED display.

Telair TLI Premium batteries can withstand up to 2,000 complete charge/discharge cycles, are fully
maintenance-free and weigh up to 70% less than a traditional battery. Moreover, the use of lithium-ironphosphate ion technology (LiFePO4) makes them safe: they are non-toxic, emit no dangerous fumes, cannot explode or catch fire and are more ecological as they use materials with low environmental impact (i.e. they do not use lead or other harmful materials defined by the EU RoHS directive).
The dimensions for Telair TLI Premium 104, 120 and 150Ah batteries are 355 x 175 x 190 (height)
millimetres; these weigh 10.5, 12.5 and 14.5 kilograms respectively. The 200 Ah Telair TLI Premium, instead, measures 521 x 238 x 218 (height) millimetres and weighs 23.3 kilograms.