The new top model from MORELO

At this year’s Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, luxury motorhome manufacturer MORELO will present their new flagship product: the MORELO GRAND EMPIRE. It will be the largest and most luxurious model that MORELO has built to date and will thus represent the new top product of their model ranges. According to managing director Reinhard Löhner, MORELO has set themselves the objective: “(…) to produce the most beautiful motorhome of all time”.

The idea

Over the past decade, MORELO has not only challenged and significantly advanced its own development, but also that of the entire luxury motorhome industry. In addition, there has been a lot of movement in the market in recent years and the needs of customers have also changed. The requirements for space, comfort, performance, safety and design have increased steadily. In order to respond optimally to this demand, MORELO has decided to launch a new model. The result of all considerations was the MORELO GRAND EMPIRE, which, with its exceptional quality and great attention to detail, should overshadow everything that existed before.

The creation process

At the start of implementation, the question of the right chassis was raised. Due to the large size of the MORELO GRAND EMPIRE, aspects such as travel comfort, safety and, of course, simple handling of the vehicle had to be ensured when selecting. MORELO also did not want to compromise in construction and equipment. The MORELO GRAND EMPIRE was to become a motorhome redefining standards.

Finally, a luxury motorhome was built on the large-format truck chassis “Actros 1853” from Mercedes-Benz with 531 hp, an engine volume of 12.7 l with a torque of 2400 Nm, which impresses with its maneuverability comfort, exceptional safety and state-of-the-art technology and, ultimately, by ist convincing, exceptional design in all areas.

The result

The incomparable MORELO exterior design line has been constantly developed and sets new standards throughout the segment. Instead of conventional mirrors, the Mercedes-Benz MirrorCam system makes maneuvering, cornering and changing lanes even safer. In addition to the established standards, MORELO only uses the latest technologies inside the GRAND EMPIRE. All kitchen appliances are of domestic quality and operate at 230 V. In addition to the solar technology and the generously sized battery system, an autonomous and above all powerful power supply is ensured via a diesel generator. In terms of comfort too, much can be expected from the new model. Among other things, there are ergonomic lounge chairs in the living room that can be adjusted individually at the push of a button. So there are no limits to relaxation.

The première

The prototype will be presented at this year’s Caravan Salon from the 4th tot he 13th of 2020: a MORELO GRAND EMPIRE 110 GSO – with a Mini Cooper garage and a slide-out for the living room and the kitchen.

The special

The biggest highlight is an unprecedented value for money for a vehicle in this category. The price range should be between 600.000 € and € 650.000 €. This range is so unusually short because the basic equipment of the MORELO GRAND EMPIRE already includes almost all the available extras, so that practically no wish can be left unanswered.

With the new GRAND EMPIRE, MORELO proves once again that there are no limits to the innovative power of its own manufacturing in Schlüsselfeld.