Manuel Taverne takes over as Head of Investor Relations of Knaus Tabbert AG

Manuel Taverne starts as Head of Investor Relations at Knaus Tabbert AG at the beginning of March, reporting in this role to Marc Hundsdorf, CFO of Knaus Tabbert AG. He will further expand this area after the successful IPO in September 2020 and will be the primary contact for investors, analysts and other financial market participants.
Manuel Taverne looks back on more than 15 years of experience in capital market communications and has managed several IPOs in his career.

Before joining Knaus Tabbert AG, he was head of investor relations at the Austrian aerospace supplier FACC AG since 2015. Prior to that, he held a management position in investor relations and corporate communications at Polytec Holding AG for nine years.

Mr. Taverne, a native of Austria, has been living in Bavaria (Germany) for six years and is the father of three children.
Mr. Taverne will work closely together with the Head of Communications/PR Mr. Stefan Diehl.
“With Manuel Taverne, we were able to welcome a proven expert who will make a significant contribution to the successful positioning of Knaus Tabbert AG on the international capital markets,” says Marc Hundsdorf (CFO).