Stuttgart/Jandelsbrunn (Germany). What could the future of the caravan be like? What might motorhomes look like in five or ten years’ time? Nobody knows exactly. But there are many different approaches, ideas and concepts.

However, one thing is clear: The recreational vehicle of the future is a combination of innovation, technology and unique design – and it is made by Knaus Tabbert.

As an innovation driver in the industry, the company, which is based in lower Bavaria, is always working on new approaches. In doing so, they never lose sight of one thing: consistent customer orientation and unique design.

In this spirit, the year 2020 begins: An experienced, motivated and highly qualified team working at the Jandelsbrunn, Mottgers, Schlüsselfeld and Nagyoroszi locations demonstrates courage and the power of innovation.

At the CMT, Knaus Tabbert created great anticipation and excitement among guests with its presentation of innovative new product developments and refreshing ideas.

The future is well within reach: In close cooperation with Bosch Engineering, Knaus Tabbert is working on developing an intelligent 48-volt wiring system in order to completely redefine freedom.

That means: independent power supply in the caravan, a longer period of self-sufficient camping – and the retention of all everyday comforts.
What could the future of the caravan be like? What might motorhomes look like in five or ten years’ time? Good question. But one thing is clear: The recreational vehicle of the future is Knaus Tabbert.

KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT, T@B, MORELO and RENT AND TRAVEL – Knaus Tabbert presents all three brands in three halls at the CMT: C2, 3 (MORELO) and 10 (KNAUS and WEINSBERG CUVs).
Exciting and powerful innovations, new groundbreaking motorhomes, CUVs and caravans – the highlights of model year 2020 include:


 Powerful: Charging booster available in series for all motorhomes and CUVs.
 Clean: Filtered water in all Knaus Tabbert models – as a standard.
 Rugged: Every rear carrier is not the same: The optional e.hit for all motorhomes:
 Safe: Head-up display in the media package for all motorhomes and CUVs.
 Smart: optional voice control available in the new TABBERT CELLINI.
 Exciting: With the 48-volt wiring system, Bosch Engineering and Knaus Tabbert are working on creating a completely new caravanning freedom.
 Carefree: Maintenance and repair of all KNAUS and WEINSBERG Motorhomes available at 29 MAN service centres.


 KNAUS is celebrating a major birthday: 60 years of KNAUS and the 100th birthday of company’s founder Helmut Knaus.
 Completes the L!VE family: the new L!VE I – Fully integrated at an entry-level price.
 Elegant: the successful SKY TI is now available as the fully equipped


 Extravagant and futuristic: the SPORT&FUN is now available as the BLACK SELECTION in black and silver-grey.
 Bigger on the inside than on the outside: the BOXSTAR with new, spacious high-roof layout.


 The new addition to the family: the CaraCore, the first fully-integrated WEINSBERG model, offers the highest degree of comfort in the mid-size vehicle class.
 Classic models: CaraCompact and CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] in new designs.
 WEINSBERG classics: the CaraOne with a fresh new look, now also with a lifting bed.
 The first series production CUV for more motorcycling fun: CaraBus and CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW].


 More innovative, refined and modern than ever before: PUCCINI sets new standards in the superior class.
 Pure luxury on wheels: CELLINI re-defines the high-end standard.
 Iconic, cool, T@B: the modern retro classic continues to improve as it successfully enters model year 2020.

 Striking: the KNAUS L!VE I and WEINSBERG The CORE show cars are truly eye-catching, and show what the exterior design of a motorhome can look like.


 Rent a vehicle, get in, and enjoy your holiday: Currently, there are more than 160 rental stations and 1,900 vehicles available – this also includes rental motorhomes.
 Innovative, unique booking system: Caravan hire made simple.