Carado presents two new layouts just short of seven metres in length
There is nothing better than a home that perfectly reflects your personal tastes – and the same goes for your motorhome. With the two new layouts, the T 338 and I 338, the German motorhome manufacturer Carado is adding two vehicles to its product range for the 2020 model year which are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of travellers.


The models are 6.96 m and 6.98 m in length and their lower weight permits a higher payload. Seven-metre vehicles with single beds and an optional fold-down bed have been missing from the product range in the past, but Carado has now filled this gap. While the T 338 can be enhanced with a fold-down bed for up to two people, it comes as standard in the I 338.

Everything campers could wish for

The new layouts also feature the amenities most highly sought after by our customers: single beds, a corner kitchen, a large refrigerator and a wardrobe.

The wardrobe is deliberately only half-height to ensure a clear line of sight, making the vehicle feel more spacious. Rather handily, the resulting shelf space can be used as somewhere to store your coffee machine, kettle or a similar appliance.

To ensure no space inside the vehicle goes to waste, Carado has changed the arrangement of the furniture compared to other layouts. As a result, the two new layouts have retained all of the features included in the latest standard specification, despite their shorter length.
These features include the entrance area with new coat hooks, a mirror and indirect lighting, the LED strips along the backrest, the handy control centre for all of the functions in the living area, as well as the repositioned USB port on the top of the seating area backrest.